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Best Places To Retire In Costa Rica


If you are looking for white, sandy beaches, mountains, lush tropical rain forests, a wild array of flora and fauna, and a low cost of living, look no further than Costa Rica. What then are the best places to retire in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has almost everything a retiree could want from the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to mountains. Outdoor activities available include hiking, biking, swimming, surfing, fishing, kayaking and just about any other recreational pursuit you can imagine. The country has a low level of unemployment and not much poverty or crime. It also has a very low cost of living.

Best places to retire in Costa Rica

The number one place to retire in Costa Rica is its capital, San Jose. The city's population is 365,000 though its metropolitan area actually comprises a third of the country's population. San Jose sits at an altitude of 3,898 feet and has a temperate climate with an temperature that range from 50 o F, to 88o F. and that averages 77o F.

San Jose plays home to Costa Rica's National Theater and the Melico Salazar Theater. Both of these theaters with many cultural activities that feature acting and dance groups, as well as musical presentations. The city's downtown area is loaded with cafes. San Jose City has many museums and other attractions. One of these is the Gold Museum, which shows various gold artifacts from ancient Latin American civilizations.

San Jose's cost of living is the highest of all Central American cities but comes with a much higher standard of living. Its infrastructure includes all the modern conveniences of life - mobile phones, broadband access and cable. Housing in middle-class San Jose costs substantially less than what it would in the US. You can get a full-time maid for only a couple of hundred dollars per month. The cost of utilities is about 30% of what you would pay in North America and public transportation is also very reasonable.


A second of the best places to retire in Costa Rica is Cartago. It is in Costa Rica's Central Valley and is one of the country's oldest communities. It was actually the capital of Costa Rica until 1823 when the nation's first elected president decided to relocate it to a smaller settlement named San Jose. Cartago's central park has ruins that date back to the 16th century. Cartago's Lankester Botanical Garden has an amazing collection of plant life, especially orchids. The Garden has approximately 3000 plant species with a system of trails that allows visitors to explore various microhabitats.

Puerto Limon

Puerto Limon is the heart of the Caribbean coastal province of Limon. It is the region's largest city with the population of about 85,000. It is the site of the Costa Rica Institute of Technology, which offers courses in engineering, business administration and computer science. The area also has rich soils that are still a big producer of orchids, potatoes, milk and onions. As you might guess from its name this is a port city with many open-air markets, fascinating architecture and a beautiful City Hall. It was built on a rocky headland so does not have beaches of its own. However, Playa Bonita is just 4 km (roughly 2.5 miles) north of town and is excellent for swimming.

Cuidad Quesada

This city is located in Costa Rica's Central Valley at the foot of the central mountains. It is a hubbub of business and agriculture and is surrounded by beautiful, green farmlands. It is one of the largest cities in the northern parts of Costa Rica and offers plenty of services and restaurants. It is close to the Juan Castro Blanco National Park, which is primarily a rain forest and offers excellent bird watching.

Palmur Sur

Another of the best places to retire in Costa Rica is Palmur Sur. It is in an extraordinarily beautiful area in the Southern Pacific Region and is home to some the country's most stunning national treasures, including lush rain forest and many endangered species. Eco adventurers and nature lovers will discover an incredible slice of heaven here.

Palmur Sur's Sierpe River is considered to be the gateway to some of the world's largest mangroves. In fact, the Sierpe is a great place for exploration and adventure with sailing trips to the Pacific Ocean, Drake Bay and the Isla del Cano Biological Reserve. This reserve plays home to an incredible variety of wildlife and bird species such as the magnificent Frigate Bird and the Brown Booby.

The town has wonderful riverfront restaurants and is only a short distance away from the picturesque port town Sierpe.


Liberia is a small town with a population of just 40,000 but also has Costa Rica's second international airport. Is often called the "White city" because many of its buildings have whitewashed walls and red tile roofs. The city also has broad avenues and good city planning that has made it easy to get around the town. Liberia has excellent facilities and is close to many attractions. Many popular beaches such as Tamarindo are within a short distance of the city. It is also close to several national parks-Rincon de La Vieja, Santa Rosa, Giamacaste. Barra Honda and others.

Now you have an idea of 6 of the best places to retire in Costa Rica. Next you should check out airline tickets and hotel rates to see how much it would cost to visit and see how well you like it up close then you can decide if you want to retire to this beautiful tropical country.

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