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Spain is one of the best places in the world to retire. It offers a wonderful mix of fabulous cities, mountains, festivals, historic building, fascinating archeological ruins and lots of sun. The country has amazing architecture, sophisticated cities, up-to-date conveniences, wonderful seafood and one of the best lifestyles you will find anywhere in the world.

The cost of living in Spain is fairly reasonable. You could expect an electricity bill of about $14 per month for two people. Food costs around $380 a month and your telephone bill will probably average around $32. In short, to live in one of Spain's big cities will cost you somewhere between $1000-$1150 per month. That is sort of for the bare necessities. If you want to enjoy coffee, drinks and some local weekend excursions that average monthly cost will go to around $1650.

Spain has many beautiful costas or coasts. These are considered by most people to represent the best places to retire in Spain.

Alicante on the Costa Blanca

Alicante it is one of the best-known towns along the Costa Blanca (White Coast). It gets its name from its miles of white, sandy beaches. There are nice long alleys where you can take relaxing walks and enjoy the city's architecture and numerous palm trees. Alicante offers many attractions from churches to cathedrals and has a wonderful harbor area. It is located on the east coast of Spain. To its south is the Costa Almeria and to its north the Costa Dorado. Alicante's population is about 340,000 people. As you might guess, it is on the Mediterranean Sea.

The city is blessed with 2,800 hours of sunlight throughout the year. It has an average annual temperature of around 66o F. It is protected on the north by small hills and further north by high mountains. This creates a sort of microclimate that limits the number of rain days per year to just 20. In winter, Alicante's temperature usually does not fall below 60 o F.

Real estate in Europe tends to the higher than here in the US and Alicante is no exception. An upscale apartment right in front of the sea with three bathrooms, marble floors, big living room, a garage and a community pool was listed at $689,940. If you have $1,412,614 to spend you can get a furnished luxury villa that's just a short walk to the beach and the Atlantic Ocean. On the cheaper side-that is $522,440-there is a semi-detached villa for sale that is close to Las Palmas and has three floors.

Costa del Alhazar

This is Spain's famous Orange Blossom Coast. It is an hour north of Valencia and gets its name from its acres and acres of oranges. It also has and almond groves and gorgeous, sun-kissed beaches. While this area has seen some high-rise development, there are beautiful, unscarred mountains at its back.

The Orange Blossom Coast is on the Mediterranean Sea and is in the northernmost part of the autonomous community of Valencia. It is an area of great contrasts. Its capital is Castello de la Plana but it has more mountains than plains. The interior area of the Orange Blossom Coast is wild but its coastal strip looks like a green carpet and is dotted by orange orchards.

The area is rich in history and monuments and offers much to see and do. There are the normal activities associated with a coastal area-scuba diving, swimming, fishing and boating. In addition to this, there is hiking, biking and mountain climbing. Plus, there are many fiestas and carnivals, some of which are religious while others owe their roots to pagan times.

Recently offered for sale on the Orange Blossom Coast was an apartment in a residential area close to the beach at $ $62,200 and a coastal home for just $186,750-making the Costa del Alhazar something of a bargain.

The Orange Blossom Coast is considered to be one of the country's best-kept secrets. Because it is in the middle of Spain's Mediterranean coast, it gets very pleasant weather-neither too hot in the summertime nor too cold in the winter. It has not yet really been discovered by foreign tourists but is frequented a lot by Spanish vacationers from Valencia and Madrid.


This seaside town is located on the Costa Tropical in Andalusia. It sits below the Sierra Lujar Mountains and offers the opportunity to explore both its coasts and Andalusia's inland areas. It has sun-splashed beaches and is the home of totally mouthwatering tropical produce. The area of Motril historically has been a gateway for many civilizations from the Phoenicians to Abd al-Rahman who established the Emirite of Al-Andulus.

Motril has excellent shopping, including a hypermarket, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and shops. There is a marina for water sports and boat excursions. It is even possible to take a trip from there to Morocco.

Motril is bathed by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea and has a subtropical climate. It offers all types of water sports and if you're interested in diving, it has one of the most beautiful sea floors of its coastline.

The city offers many cultural attractions, including hermitages, churches, a 16th century town hall building and the Museum of Sugar. Outside of town is rock climbing, rambling, hiking, mountain biking and white water rafting. There is also the Los Moriscos Golf Club just outside of Motrills, which is set a fruit plantation.

A new, fully furnished two-bedroom apartment on the golf course in Granada was recently listed for $239,334. There was also a one-bedroom double, one bathroom flat (apartment) for sale for $141200, and a townhouse described as "a fantastic property in a stunning location," with two bedrooms, a small pool on a walled patio, a big kitchen and living room on the ground floor and four double bedrooms on the second floor was for sale for $261,220.

As you can see there is much to be had by retiring in Spain. You can see how affordable living here will be. You can still read more about the best places to retire in Spain before you decide where to finally settle down.

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