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Best Places to Retire in the US

Take a tour, so to speak, of various retirement locations in different parts of the United States, and pick up several tidbits of useful information, which should help you to make the best possible decision about where you should ultimately retire. Of course, you have quite a number of attractive locations to think about - so the choice could be a difficult one.

Here are some of the highlights for best places to retire in the United States:

For starters, there's St. George, Utah, with its picturesque setting, close to the Snow Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Grand Canyon. An attractive place, with its own novel features of cultural life such as the Shakespearean Festival, the Tuacahn Theatre and highlights such as the Huntsman Senior Games, to name just a few.

Then there's Bellingham, Washington, offering you the unique charm of scenic beauty coupled with urban convenience. Among the highlights here, you'll find the Interurban Trail System and ski slopes of Mount Whistler and Mount Baker nearby, which will surely beckon if you are fond of skiing.

The richness of Portsmouth, New Hampshire comes mainly from the historical atmosphere of the place. There are so many old and unique properties here. And then of course there's the Music Hall for concerts and the Strawberry Banke historical Museum.

Savannah, Georgia has an old world charm about it with plenty of mansions, old oak trees and walking trails. And don't forget the Telfair Art Museum and Coastal Senior, the magazine that makes Savannah unique.

Largo, Florida

has plenty going for it, as it is practically a vacation spot in itself. Apart from the low crime rate and the variety of people living here, which has resulted in a diverse range of cuisine, you really must visit the Largo Cultural Centre, where music festivals are often held.

And what about Franklin, Tennessee, with its small town charm - a charm so powerful that it brought in senior citizens who had already settled elsewhere? Franklin will give you your fill of scenic beauty with its rolling hills. The pace of life is slow here and may be just what you want. The cost of living is also fairly low.

In Ann Arbor, Michigan, you'd have the scenic beauty of parks and beaches combining with the intellectual atmosphere of the University of Michigan. Another highlight of this town is the Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre. Not far away in Detroit, you can also visit the Fisher Theatre and the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Fort Collins, Colorado offers you yet another combination of scenic beauty and an atmosphere somewhere midway between a city and a town. The Rocky Mountain National Park is a major attraction here. For shopping dining and theatre, you could visit Denver, which is fairly close.

In Portland, Oregon, once again you have that attractive blend of life in a big city and a small town, along with more than 240 parks that provide you with a refreshing abundance of greenery. You will enjoy visiting the Waterfront Park and the Saturday Market. If you are keen on skiing, you could also go to the Timberline Lodge. You'll find sports and nightlife in Portland too, along with a well-developed transport system.

McCormick, South Carolina will offer you plenty of scope for recreation at the Hickory Knob State Resort Park. You could also visit the McCormick Arts Council. Greenwood nearby will interest you if you are fond of shopping. There are medical facilities here too. As a retired person, the Savannah Lakes Village is a vast settlement that could interest you as a good place to look for housing. You will find several retired people here.

Then again, there's Seneca, South Carolina, where you'll find the unique feature of a naturally formed recreational area. A few miles away are the South Carolina Botanical Gardens at Clemson. From Seneca, you'll have access to the South Carolina National Heritage Corridor and the Foothills Parkway. You also have the choice of a host of outdoor activities, a lively downtown area and a variety of homes from which to choose, including old properties, lakeside retreats and villas.

Sumter, South Carolina is another delightful place, where you'll find a combination of scenic beauty, a pleasant climate and educational facilities, along with a number of star attractions. These include the Swan Lake Iris Garden, the Sumter Gallery of Art, the Sumter County Museum and the Sumter County Public Library, to name just a few. The Newcomers' Club should help you get acquainted and settle in.

Charleston, South Carolina is another beautiful city that provides warm southern hospitality, family friendly attractions and beautiful beach scenery. If these attributes are something you are looking for in retirement allow Keadle Real Estate to help you find the perfect area.

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Best Places in the US:

St. George, Utah

Bellingham, Washington

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Savannah, Georgia

Largo, Florida

Franklin, Tennessee

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Fort Collins, Colorado

Portland, Oregonbr>
McCormick, South Carolina

Seneca, South Carolina

Sumter, South Carolina

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