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Best Retirement Locations - Small Towns


You are retired or about to retire. You worked hard for many years, fighting traffic, battling for parking spaces and worrying about crime. If this is you, you might consider leaving the big city and retiring to a small town. Small town living offers many advantages over life in the big city-cleaner air, more open space, friendlier people, less crime and a slower, more bucolic lifestyle.

What are the best retirement locations small towns? Here's 6 you may want to consider

Prescott, Arizona

There are best retirement locations small towns all over the US. One of the top-rated is Prescott Arizona. It is in North central Arizona and is at 5400 feet. Prescott was originally a mining town but now a very popular retirement community. Prescott borders The Prescott National Forest borders Prescott to its south and west. Nearby, are the towns of Prescott Valley and Chino Valley, forming what locals call the tri-city area. Prescott carries the nickname, "everybody's home town and plays host to attractions such as the Prescott Fine Arts Association, the historic Whiskey Row, the World's Oldest Rodeo, the Phippen Art Museum and the Sharlot Hall Museum and also boasts several colleges, including Emory-Riddle Aeronautical University and Prescott College.

Paris, Tennessee

Many retirees come to this town because they like the idea of living near one of the largest man-made lakes in the world. The town itself has a population of about 10,000 and is in northwest Tennessee, 15 miles from the vast and popular Land Between the Lakes area. It boasts a variety of affordable retirement community options and its climate makes it an ideal place to retire. The median sale price in Paris in 2010 was just $70,000 making home prices much lower than the US average. And even homes with water views are surprisingly affordable.

Naples, Florida

This city represents what is called the Gold Coast of Southwest Florida. It is an upscale retirement community with a very sophisticated downtown area that is also charming. Beautiful, residential streets that are conveniently located by a white coral beach that goes on for miles surround the downtown. Naples offers every type of active adult community imaginable although most of them are quite expensive. There are golf courses just about everywhere. Its population is roughly 22,000. Is Home Value Index is reported to be $485,000 but City-Data reported the average price to be less than $250,000. However this may include foreclosures.

Winston-Salem, North Carolina

In 2007, this city was named one of the "Top 10 Value Towns for Retirees." It features many things to do for active adults 55+ years old. Its Hanes Mall is considered to be the biggest shopping mall in North Carolina. The city has many museums and theaters. Winston-Salem also boasts vintage films, classic plays, music and wine tours. If you love golf, you'll love this area. The Triad, which includes Winston-Salem, has been named the best big city for value in America by Golf Digest.

There are many public courses. Two of the most highly-regarded are Salem Glen and Tanglewood Park-both of which are home to big tournaments. The city offers every kind of housing choices from retirement communities to all possible kinds of condos and houses. In 2010, reported a Home Value Index for Winston-Salem as $133,000. However, reported a median sales price of a home at $180,000.

Green Valley Arizona

Green Valley is in southern Arizona. It is an unincorporated community with a population of around 20,000. It is 20 miles south of Tucson and 40 miles from Nogales, Mexico. It features the Santa Rita Mountains, which are famous for copper mines and birdwatching. Green Valley is among the top retirement destinations in the US and is unusual in that it is really a group of different communities some of which are age-restricted and some are not. There is Green Valley Recreation, Inc. where residents share in a cooperative venture. It provides recreational opportunities for many of the area's developments in the area. For that matter, Green Valley has 59 different homeowners associations. In 2010, the median selling price of a house in Green Valley was $150,000.

Asheville, North Carolina

When baby boomers talk about potential places to retire, Asheville is one of the places most frequently mentioned. It is a very cross bridge city with a population of just over 75,000. It is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina and boasts a charming environment and mild weather. The Vanderbilts built an enormous estate near Asheville, the Biltmore Estate, which is the largest private residence in America. Downtown Asheville boasts a great collection of art deco architecture, art galleries, boutiques and antique stores.

Asheville has many outdoor cafes. The people are very friendly and range from artists and musicians to corporate executives and entrepreneurs. Downtown Asheville has a number of condos and there are homes further out in Montford, Chessmen Hill, and Biltmore Village. Prices will vary pending on the neighborhood but the median price of a home in the Asheville region in mid 2010 was $200,000.

There you have 6 possible choices of the best retirement locations small towns.

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