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Nicaragua Cost of Living

For a retired US citizen, Nicaragua would be one of the best and beautiful places to live and retire in Central America and the world which is a most welcoming and peaceful region. There are thousands of retired people who have found their place in this region, which is cheap, and relaxing. At present Nicaragua is not the destiny for US citizens only but also the residents of Canada and Europe try to find their place over here especially after retirement.

There are many advantages to living and retiring in Nicaragua since this place offers the escape for income or real estate tax for up to 10 years to all business qualifiers. A resident over here can find each and every thing and facility in his house like furniture, electronic items any thing. Many of the goods could be imported here duty free and the government offers incentives for old age or retired individuals. They want you to come on down and spend your Social Security or retirement pension.

The country's retiree program is very attractive and beneficial, which furnishes a lot of facilities to them. In order to get eligible for that program, one has to be over 45 years of age and his or her income must be equal to or more than $400 per month. This program offers no income tax on out of the country earnings, and the cost of living would be less than $1000 per month. This program also offers the duty free imports for up to $10,000 cost items, including automobiles etc. The household items and groceries are very cheap, like beef and pork supply for two weeks cost is not more than $70, vegetables for 5-6 people per day per week is not more than $60. A US trained doctor's consultation charges are $35-40, the laundry expenses for a month are less than $130 and eating out in a restaurant costs less than $25. Try and get that at a nice restaurant in the United States. Can you see how low the cost of living in Nicaragua is?

Nicaragua has different types of climate in all seasons. There are heavy rains during September and October, however; the rainy season continues from May to November all together. From December till April, a pleasant weather is there and this is the season of tourism as well. People enjoy this season, arrange parties, do hiking, camping and go on the picnic.

The people of Nicaragua spend passionate life and they are very kind, sincere and gentle. The people are much friendly especially to US citizens and they remain ready all the time for co-operation. So if you are getting ready to retire and thinking about where you want to retire make sure you add Nicaragua as one of best places to retire.

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